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Welcome to I Should Be Running – a blog that explores running’s relationship with the human mind, body, and spirit.

With Deena Kastor, near Nashville, October 12, 2019
Meeting Deena Kastor, near Nashville, October 12, 2019.

My name is Daniel LaPonsie. I’ve been running regularly since late 2015, and writing since I was old enough to put letters on a page. 

Just like you, I am not an elite. I’m a “mid-pack” runner, and I have a day job. I’m still fine-tuning my weekly routine, fighting to fit running into a busy schedule, and still learning as much as I can about running
–  both as a sport, and as a vehicle for personal fitness.

As of the time of this running, I haven’t yet run a marathon. The longest distance I’ve raced is half-marathon (13.1 miles). My first marathon should be in April 2019, the Rock & Roll: Nashville. (You can see my past races marked out on this map.)

Like most writers, I use my writing to better understand topics that interest me. On this blog, you’ll find a lot about psychology and positive thinking, running as a spiritual exercise, and a little about physical fitness.

I also share regular bits of my own running journey; and I invite you to share yours. You can drop your thoughts / feelings / opinions / experiences in the comments section.

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