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Welcome to I Should Be Running .

With Deena Kastor, near Nashville, October 12, 2019
Meeting Deena Kastor, near Nashville, October 12, 2018.

Hi, my name is Daniel. I’m a writer and runner, among other things (a dad, a boyfriend, an employee, and so-forth). I was born and raised in west Michigan—where the north begins and the waters run pure.

Like most writers, I use my writing to better understand topics that interest me. Therefore I blog mostly on running, but also writing and creativity, as well as psychology and positive thinking and other nonsenses.

I miss the days when blogs were synonymous with social media. So I invite you to drop your thoughts / feelings / opinions / experiences in the comments section. Also, if you like this blog, please share a link to I Should Be Running with friends and / or on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook.


I’m a “mid-pack” / recreational runner. I’m still fine-tuning my weekly routine, fighting to fit running into a busy schedule, and still learning as much as I can about running – both as a sport, and as a vehicle for personal fitness.

You can find my race log HERE.


Most of my writing credits are short stories. My first few stories were in unpaid markets, and my more recent had been in low paying / token markets. In other words, I’m what is sometimes referred to as a “wannabe fiction writer.”

I’ve been making more room in my life to buckle down and write daily. While I am not someone who posts daily “I’m writing today! Yay me!” posts on social media, I will share things that catch my interest on the topic of writing here and on the social inter-webs.

I have a list of published fiction on THIS PAGE.

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