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Deena Kastor Nashville
Meeting Deena Kastor. Nashville, TN. Oct 12, 2018

Hello! My name is Daniel, and I started running in 2015. It began in part by accident and in part by design. I had been going on hour-long walks every evening that summer. At about that same time dad gave me a pair of running shoes. Those shoes sat in my bedroom closet, staring (read: glaring) at me… every. single. day.

The short version is this: Eventually, I put those shoes on and went for a short run, and hadn’t stopped running since.

I’m also a writer. This means that I explore ideas, learn, figure crap out, and “think out loud” through writing. This blog is a result of that process.

Running has a huge relationship with our creativity, psychological well-being, and personal faith. What’s fascinating is that our creativity, psychology and faith, in turn, impact our running lifestyle. Writing is how I sit with those (and other) ideas and digest them.

Well ok, I take that back. I don’t digest them. In truth: This is a place for me to chew, swallow, and then regurgitate everything onto the inter-webs.

You are all welcome to read, comment, and share everything here. Welcome to I Should Be Running!


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