Global Running Day 2018

The Big Run 5K

I don’t always celebrate Global Running Day. But when I do, it’s usually with a forgettable solo run.

However, this year was different. This year I was living in a city that featured a 5K race, conveniently scheduled in the evening. It was part of The Big Run, a 5K race put on by Fleet Feet Sports, Brooks, among other local partners in various cities.

It was nice to participate in Global Running Day alongside others, and it was especially neat being new to this city, to meet others who share a love of running.

The day had been a typical hot, Tennessean day—but then a mild breeze rolled in just moments before the race began. Afterward, everyone lounged in whatever shade was available to applaud the top finishers and listen to being drawn during a post-race raffle.


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