Chicago Marathon! Runnin’ for Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels 2021

Hello, all! I’m running in the Chicago Marathon to support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels!

Here’s a little about the Mission and what they do, and what YOU can expect from me should you choose to donate 😀👍              (  Which you can do at this link:

What the holy crap is Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, Daniel?”

Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

I’m so glad you asked! The Mission exists to provide spiritual and material support in West Humboldt Park, Chicago. This is an area that experiences some of the highest rates of violent crime in the country.

  • The Mission now feeds and clothes 3000 families a month!
  • Hundreds of youth participate in a variety of afterschool, evening, and summer programs
  • Each week the Mission hosts between 50-60 senior citizens for a seniors’ program that includes: a senior-friendly exercise class, a group Bible study, lunch, and fellowship
  • They provide emergency assistance
  • They engage in good ol’ fashioned street evangelization

The Mission does loads more than I’ve listed here. If you’d like to know more, visit

Three things I’d like to do for those who donate

#1. PRAY

I am praying a daily rosary for the general intentions of my donors.

If you have any specific intentions during this time, just let me know. I can always be reached at


I’ll use my email to send periodic updates between now and October 10 to let you all know how training is coming along, and I’ll also include updates regarding where we’re at in fundraising and other things.

If for any reason you are not getting an email and want to, just contact me at and say something like “hey buddy, I donated. Add me to that list. I want your love letters!”


I plan to share about the experience after the marathon, both through the blog and via email. Expect a sincere THANK YOU, as well as pictures and stories and whatever else I can include.


Mission of Our Lady of the Angels’ Sister Stephanie Baliga

Help support Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

Let’s help a Mission that feeds 3,000 families and brings the light of Christ into one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the US.

Donate TODAY.

Also please be sure to share this opportunity to make a difference with others!

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