Motivational idea: carry a piece of “finish line ribbon”

finish line ribbon
finish line ribbon

This is a brilliant motivational idea for you to use in your next goal race. Hang on to a piece of ribbon throughout the training cycle, and tell yourself that it’s a piece of the finish line ribbon and it’s up to you to carry it across the finish!

The idea is used by Chelsi Day, PsyD, a clinical and sport psychologist at Indiana University Kokomo.

“One of my favorite on-course techniques is that I’ll hand a runner a piece of ribbon and say, ‘okay, I’m going to give you a piece of the finish line ribbon. This ribbon has to cross the finish line. Any time you hit a rough patch, grab onto the ribbon and it will remind you why you’re doing this,’” Day said. “I’ve had people come up to me at the following year’s race and tell me they still have their ribbon.”

I am so going to use add this to my personal bag of motivational tricks, and in fact I’ll probably use it next time I train for a Chicago Marathon. Matter of fact, I have a bit of ribbon that Chicago used in the 2021 race—they had ribbon security bracelets that they handed out to runners to verify that they had checked in. I could use that and remind myself that I’ve just gotta’ get that piece of ribbon across the finish.

You could try it too!


[Feature image by Ekaterina Grosheva on Unsplash ]


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