Night prayer for rest and peace

night prayer
night prayer

NOTE: This simple and pretty prayer has been floating around on various prayer blogs and social media sites for a few years. It doesn’t seem to be an old prayer, and I’d loved to post a credit and link to the original. If anyone reading this knows who authored this prayer, please drop a comment below. Thanks!

Prayer for Peaceful Rest

Faithful Father, thank you that your work is perfect, your ways are just, you are a God of faithfulness.

As I lay down to sleep, I entrust myself into your care. I ask that you bring peace to my mind, rest to my body and restoration to my spirit. You are able to do far more abundantly than all that I ask or imagine, according to your power at work within me. To you be glory throughout all generations, forever and ever.

~ Amen

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Photo credit:  William Farlow on Unsplash


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