River Bank Run 10K 2018

my last River Bank Run 10K

next year, I run the 25K

I ran the River Bank Run 10K last Saturday and the results were positive in my book. (Really, My Book is the only book that matters, right?) First and foremost, I had a lot of fun. The weather was chilly, but great for running in. It didn’t rain during the race, and it wasn’t windy. The people were great, the mood was upbeat, and the music was fantastic. Everything about the race was enjoyable.

While I didn’t land my goal time of 51:55, I did land a new personal best of 52:27. My previous 10K times had never been less than 53 minutes, so I’m thrilled with the results. What’s more, the last few miles of the River Bank Run include a series of uphills that usually hit me hard—but this time I felt like I got through them without trouble.

pics: friday evening expo & packet pickup

It was my best River Bank 10K in every way.

One thing that helped was doing training runs along the Stones River, which has the occasional hill, even though the hills are mild. This was a change from my past routs which had included very flat sections of Elkhart, Indiana, and Kent County, Michigan.

The other thing that made a difference was following a training plan for the first time. While I did skip a few runs, I stuck to it for 95% of the time and it paid off.

pics: race day

The plan had me get up to a target pace first, and then added miles second. I had been doing it backward in the past, getting comfortable with distance first, and then working on my speed. Oops.

It also helped me to not overdo it. I stuck to the prescribed distances, and to the goal paces (more-or-less). This is important to me because I have a tendency to overreach, and I know it. The last thing I want is an injury.

bring on the half!

Reaching a running goal without injuring myself was what prompted me to try out a running plan. Now I’m ready for my next goals
You see, this was my last River Bank Run 10K. I want to run a half-marathon by the end of the year, and then run in the 25K at next years River Bank Run. So, I need to increase my distance by 9 miles in about 12 months without hurting myself. While that’s more than doable, I don’t doubt that I could hurt myself without a plan as a guide. Because I can be a bonehead.
Other injury prevention steps I’m taking include core workouts, and restful sleep.

I’ll be sure and share notes & thoughts regarding my journey to a half-marathon, and to a 25K.
Bring it!


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