Strava: Most long runs done on a Saturday

church of the long run
church of the long run

It seems like Sunday had been the defacto “long run day.” It was never questioned. It gave rise to the hashtag #SundayRunday on social media. It had become a part of a runners Sunday practice and ingrained in running culture, so much so that the habit of doing the long run on a Sunday is often referred to as Church of the Long Run.

Gosh, many pre-fab training plans even pencil our long runs in on Sunday for us. It hadn’t been questioned.

Until now.

Strava looked over their user data and saw that the majority of the long runs occurred on a Saturday, rather than a Sunday. But only just barely.

Strava went on to add: “Not surprisingly, 86% of all long runs are done on the weekend. So whether you get it out of the way on Saturday or opt for Church of the Sunday Long Run, you’re in good company.”

You can read the post here: The Great Long Run Debate: Saturday or Sunday?


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