3rd Annual T.Rex Stampede Coming in Oct

T. Rex Stampede Through Nashville
T. Rex Stampede Through Nashville

Plans already being made for a 4th annual event 

[Updates follow the original post ]

Ever wanted to run while wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume? Yea, there’s a race for that. It’s called the T.Rex Stampede, and it’s being held in Nashville this October.

Specifically, it’ll be Saturday, October 20 at 4 PM – 5 PM. Facebook event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1917145724975317/

Would you believe this is the third annual T. Rex Stampede through Nashville? It started as a prank, but grew into a yearly thing. 

I’ve pasted a few news clips and some video from the last few events. It looks like a great time, weather running in a T.Rex costume or spectating. If you’re free that Saturday morning and can make it, be there!

T-Rex Stampede Takes Over Music City,” News Channel 5:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – There was a dinosaur stampede in downtown Nashville, and it was a sight to see!
People dressed up as T-Rexes and went for a jog together.

They started at the Pedestrian Bridge near Shelby Avenue and finished near Acme Feed and Seed on Broadway
“It could be a little cooler,” Jonathan James said. “I did a test run earlier when it was this hot and I came out very drenched, so it’s going to be a sweaty stampede.”

Herd of Inflatable Dinosaurs in Running Shoes Dash Downtown for Second Annual ‘T. Rex Stampede’,” Inside Edition: 

About 25 people in inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costumes dashed across a pedestrian bridge during Saturday’s event.
Even a T. rex with a bachelorette sash and veil and a young boy in a tiny inflatable costume joined in on the fun.
Organizers said the event started as a gag, but returned for another year after it was a wild success.

UPDATE: Some images and a video were posted to the T-Rex Stampede Facebook Group following this year’s event. Plans are already in place for a fourth annual. 

The below video of the Nashville event was shared to Facebook by Amanda Rich


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