training for my first half-marathon has begun!

it begins
it begins

this week marks the start of my half-marathon training plan

I’m going to be running my first half-marathon race on this October 13.

I have no goal time—I only want to finish the race. (Since this is my first half, any time will be a PR. Yay!) So why am I using a training plan?

Training plans are great for two things: reaching distance or time goals, and to prevent oneself from getting hurt from overt-raining. My major goals are to get from my 10K distance, to 13.1 miles without injuring myself.

I have until October, so that’s plenty of time to safely work up to a half marathon distance. My only worry is that the plan generated by RunKeeper brings me up to 11 miles max. Not 13.1. On the one hand, on race day, I probably won’t notice the additional 2.1 miles after having run 11. On the other hand, shouldn’t I run the full distance at least one time before the race?

Well. I’ll trust the plan. Let’s see what happens.

I’m ready to do this! #GameOn

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