what the hell, FB?


Facebook is reminding us that they own our profiles. We don’t


Gosh, I’d love to share updates directly from Strava to my Facebook profile, but I can’t. I’d like to share a song I am listening to from Spotify to FB but… nope. That doesn’t work either. Can I share a book I finished reading (
The Inner Runner, by Jason Karp) from GoodReads to by FB? No way.

They’ve disabled the ability to post content to personal profiles from third party apps. That means, we can’t share songs from Spotify, can’t share reading updates from GoodReads, can’t post from apps like Buffer.

How making a product harder to use good for them in the long run? The answer: it isn’t.

Remember Google Plus? Google managed to kill their promising social media platform right out of the gate by restricting how we use it. It wasn’t only the “real name” thing that hurt it. It was the fact that the only products that could connect and share to Google Plus accounts were other Google Products.

Now it’s Facebook’s turn to stupidly cripple their own product, and make it useless.

On a positive note: This might make blogs a more widespread thing again. A blog, especially a self-hosted blog, is owned by the user. It’s usage isn’t dictated by limits set by a company, like Twitter, or Facebook and Instagram, or whatever else might come along.

OK, I’m gonna relax and go for a run

</rant >


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