Journal: First Marathon 47 Days Away

March 10, 2019 Daniel LaPonsie 0

UPDATE: I was unable to compete in the Rock & Roll Marathon, unfortunately. Iโ€™ll give detail in a future blog post. Meantime, I have my sights set on the Nashville Marathon this November.

Might need to resort to a run-walk


Jeff Dengate on the dreaded taper

January 12, 2019 Daniel LaPonsie 0

My first marathon is about four months away. Which means my first marathon taper is a little more than three months away.

I’m not nervous about the training, nor am I nervous about the marathon. In fact, I’m just plain …

T. Rex Stampede Through Nashville

3rd Annual T.Rex Stampede Coming in Oct

September 18, 2018 Daniel LaPonsie 0

Plans already being made for a 4th annual eventย 

[Updates follow the original post ]

Ever wanted to run while wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume? Yea, thereโ€™s a race for that. Itโ€™s called the T.Rex Stampede, and itโ€™s being …