Sr. Stephanie talks Chicago ’21 with Runners World

Sr. Stephanie Chicago 2021

Sr. Stephanie Baliga shared some brief thoughts about her experience running Chicago Marathon 2021, and about the “official” return of marathoning in general.

Sr. Stephanie Baliga at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels,
Sr. Stephanie Baliga at the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels,

In Chicago, Sister Stephanie Baliga of the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, the famous running nun, finished in 3:41:34—a slow day for her. She didn’t care.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day for Chicago,” she said after the race. “I almost started crying at some points. It was very overwhelming, the opportunity to be able to do what we want to do and what we love doing.

“I didn’t do well, but it didn’t matter,” she continued. “I’m so happy again. It was such a gift to be back out there.”

Author Sarah Lorge Butler spoke with other runners who participated in the Chicago and Boston marathons. She observed, “the races in Chicago and Boston weren’t exactly the same, but they were a step back to normalcy—and for that, runners are grateful.”

Read her full article at here: “The Weekend That Marathons Came Back”

While marathons have already been making a slow come-back, last weekend’s Chicago & Boston weekend solidified the return of marathoning and the running world is thankful for, to quote Sr. Stephanie, “the opportunity to do what we love doing.”

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